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Kinnaird Castle, Kinnaird, Perthshire

Kinnaird or Kinnear

John Kinnaird married Betty (or Bessie) Nickle (or Nicholl, Nichol) on September 26th, 1748 in Leslie, Fife, Scotland.

The only 2 children I can find for this couple are John Kinnaird born in 1749 and Margaret Kinnaird born in 1750 (both in Leslie, Fife).

Margaret Kinnaird married David Forret, in St. Andrew’s in 1768. She and David went on to have 2 sons before she passed away in her 20s.

KINNAIRD has been spelled Kinnear on some documents. I know there is a place in Perthshire called Kinnaird.

Not sure if this is a coincidence or if “our John” was born on this date, but there are only two John Kinnairds I can find to fit the marriage date and one is near Edinburgh so I think ours is John KINNAIRD, baptized October 13th, 1728 in Errol, Perthshire! IF this is him then he was 20 when he married Betty. Errol, in Perthshire is only 5 miles from Kinnaird!

There is a Kinnaird Castle in Kinnaird.

The following information was given by the present owner of Kinnaird Castle on this website: http://www.kinnaird.net/castle3.htm

Kinnaird was built as a frontier castle to protect the Carse of Gowrie and its people against the Highlanders. It is a royal castle and is reputed to have been built in1107 (some archeologists think that it is older.

The Kinnaird family lived in the castle from the mid-twelfth century. In 1449, due to a misunderstanding between two hot-tempered Scots (involving the death of a member of the Douglas Clan), Kinnaird was besieged by the Douglas Clan, who managed to break in, loot and wreck the castle. Most of the castle had to be rebuilt in 1450. A lot of the castle fabric today dates from 1450. The basement area dates back to earlier periods.

John Kinnaird of that ilk (15th Laird of Kinnaird) was obliged to sell the family estates of Kinnaird. He resigned the lands and barony of Kinnaird into the hands of the King (James I & VI), who, on 26th March 1618, granted them to John Livingston (a Gentleman of the Kings Bedchamber). The castle passed to the Colvilles, who in turn, passed it to the Threipland family in 1674. After some years of occupancy, Kinnaird was abandoned. In 1854, three ladies took pity on the derelict castle and spent a fortune in repairs. In due course, the place was again bought by the Threiplands, who sold it to the present owner, Dr. J.Hand.”

I have no idea how our John Kinnaird ended up in Fife, but what I do know is that our FORRETS who were all from Fife, ended up in Perthshire so maybe our Perthshire KINNAIRDS ended up in Fife! Maybe Fife and Perthshire were places that people regularly travelled to and fro from for work or various other reasons.

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