When you discover something big!

About 4 years ago I made an amazing discovery.

I was researching my husband’s family tree and I found out that he was descended from “the” branch of Clanranald that is currently holding the Chieftainship. That, on his paternal side, he descended from Hugh Macdonald IV of Boisdale, the last “official” Laird of Boisdale who lived from 1785-1875.

Hugh’s father had his lands on the island of South Uist, in Scotland put in trust as he was hugely in debt. Eventually, all the lands were sold off and his only surviving son, Hugh, moved to England. Hugh was already in his 30s when he left Scotland. He went from Scotland to Plymouth, then Swansea, Wales and eventually settled in Liverpool.

He married a woman with whom he had 11 children.

The amazing discovery was that the current clan chief, Captain Ranald Macdonald, 24th Captain of Clanranald, was awarded the title of clan chief because it was believed that Hugh Macdonald IV of Boisdale, died with no living male heirs. WELL, I discovered that this was not true!

Hugh had a son called Charles Edward Stuart Macdonald (1841-1902) who survived him. His direct male descendant lives on to this day in Liverpool.

WHAT DOES ONE DO WHEN THIS INFORMATION IS FOUND?? I wrote an article about it for the Ontario Genealogical Society Newsletter (as his descendants live in Ontario too).

Low and behold, it was read by someone who is very interested in setting things right. It’s been 4 years now and so many people have been contacted. Letters and emails have been sent, articles written, blog,twitter and Facebook posts….and yet, nothing has really happened – yet. It’s just now catching on that this is important stuff and needs to be addressed. I’m so grateful for the people who have helped me so far. I want the truth out there.

Has anyone else ever discovered something BIG? Something that would change the record books or make for a great story (a movie even?) I’m wondering how others have handled the information they had found. Did they contact certain people or societies? Was there anything done with the information they found?

Please comment and let me know!



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I'm a genealogist with a passion for Scottish and English ancestry. I'm trilingual so I can also do research in French Canadian records and Italian records. My love for family history began 35 years ago and continues to grow every day. My family is very important to me and I hope to instill in them a love for "where they came from" so that they can better understand who they are. I also want to share my love of family history with anyone who understands how important it is to not lose site of their ancestors. They all have a story to tell.
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7 Responses to When you discover something big!

  1. cassmob says:

    Whew!! That’s an amazing discovery because to the Scots the clan chieftain’s position is VERY important and carries many responsibilities. I wonder if there’s been an instance like this before and how it was resolved?


  2. fhtess65 says:

    I can’t help, but wow, what a discovery! I’ve found some cool stuff in my family tree, but nothing history changing. Hope you get it sorted!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Julia Riding says:

    Could I please contact you privately re: Charles.


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